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Atomium Culture

The Permanent Platform of Atomium Culture brings together some of the most authoritative universities, newspapers and businesses in Europe to increase the movement of knowledge: across borders, across sectors and to the public at large.
La plataforma permanente Atomium Culture reúne a las universidades, periódicos y empresas más prestigiosos de Europa para promover el flujo del conocimiento más allá de fronteras, entre sectores y hacia el público en general.

About us

Leading young European researchers have been selected by European research universities and the Scientific and Editorial Committees of AC to write an article about their work and the potential impact of this.

The Philosophical Problem of Personal Identity

Por: | 17 de febrero de 2013


By Katja Crone of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

As individuals, we stand in a special relationship with time: we not only exist in time as a matter of pure fact, we are moreover aware of our cross-temporal identity and existence.

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Revealing mysteries in our neighbouring system

Por: | 09 de febrero de 2013

Atomium _Culture_AlphaCentauri

By Carlos Eiroa of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

An international research team headed by Carlos Eiroa, researcher at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, have measured the 'minimum temperature region' of Alpha Centauri A, the closest star system to Earth.

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From light to electricity...through chemistry!

Por: | 03 de febrero de 2013


By Carlos Serpa of the University of Coimbra

Getting inspiration from nature and with a little help through chemical synthesis, researchers are looking at how to use the sun’s entire radiation spectrum and convert it to electricity.

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