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Blog del festival de cine a través del móvil 'Movil Film Fest', contado por el equipo del festival.

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03 enero, 2009 | 23:46

Contacta con el Festival

Si te mueres de impaciencia y no puedes esperar: +34 648251585

Si quieres enviarnos un mail: movilfilmfest (arroba)

o si quieres contactar directamente con la dirección: atognazzi(arroba)

De todas formas, recibimos de la misma manera y a las mismas direcciones de mail, también si escribes a través del siguiente formulario:


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Por favor, no llegue a inscribirme y recien me entero de este concurso, me pueden agregar a su base de datos para que me avisen si abren otro concurso plis!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself you as the VP of licensing.

MOFILM is a mobile film festival, supported by the GSM Association and Accenture. As the largest mobile film festival around we attract a significant amount of entries on a regular basis.

Once submitted to our festival MOFILM maintain non exclusive distribution of the short format films. To date we have a distribution channel reaching 38 MNO's in 23 countries.

MOFILM shares net revenues with our content providers, this can be generated by advertising, up front licensing fees from major brands and subscription fees.

The reason for my email is two fold.

1) I have a current requirement for Spanish speaking short films to be used on a VOD service for a Spanish carrier, I have very little Spanish speaking content to offer and would therefore like to invite you to submit any content that you would like to see utilisied in the way.

2) MOFILM have created a truly ground breaking marketing initiative called "You to the power of 12 - U12" 12 global brands have submitted advertising briefs from our site, submit there creations all of which will be judged by a panel and winners will be announced in Cannes Lionsgate this year. Spike Lee will be presenting the prizes (Including a full studio suite, a track day with Lewis Hamilton and many more totaling $100k) the overall winner will be given an apprenticeship with Spike Lee on set.

I am sure you can agree that our business model is not only innovative but very attractive financially and most of all creatively.

I am very keen to here from organisations, film bodies, and aspiring individuals.

All the information above can be sen in more detail at

Should you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact me.

Get Creative, Get Noticed, Get Famous!

Kind regards


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