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The Permanent Platform of Atomium Culture brings together some of the most authoritative universities, newspapers and businesses in Europe to increase the movement of knowledge: across borders, across sectors and to the public at large.
La plataforma permanente Atomium Culture reúne a las universidades, periódicos y empresas más prestigiosos de Europa para promover el flujo del conocimiento más allá de fronteras, entre sectores y hacia el público en general.

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Leading young European researchers have been selected by European research universities and the Scientific and Editorial Committees of AC to write an article about their work and the potential impact of this.

Quantum Mechanics Returns to Ancient Greece

Por: | 14 de julio de 2014



By Frédéric Chevy, Ecole Normale Supérieure

Image: Artist's view of atoms in an optical lattice. When the atomic density is extremely high, the atoms block each other’s way, and atoms are stuck at the bottom of their optical wells.

For a hundred years now, we have known that some compounds lose their electrical resistance at low temperatures, a phenomenon known as superconductivity. Electrical current flows without resistance in these materials, offering unique possibilities such as carrying electrical current without loss or storing electrical energy for a nearly infinite time. However, even for the “hottest” compounds (known as high critical temperature superconductors), superconductivity only happens below about 150 degrees Celsius, a temperature way too low for large-scale practical applications.

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